From my contemporary pen name, Liz Highland…

Book Three of the Fallow Trilogy

The stalker has made his move. He wants Irina, and there is nothing he won’t do to take her as his.

But Irina has something she never did before–the men of Stormborn. Standing beside her. Protecting her.

Hunter and Jack are hers, and…well, Drake is something else. Something she doesn’t understand but something she wants all the same.

With the stalker lying in wait and issues at Stormborn taking their toll, Irina and Drake dance around each other, desperate to connect but terrified of what might happen if they do. The stalker has struck against Irina and her men once before. What will happen if they finally give in to their desires, once and for all?

Irina has a choice: run to protect the men she loves or stand and fight against the one who’s proven he’s willing to murder anyone close to her. A true, final shot at happiness is within reach…

Irina just has to take it.

Currently in Progress

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