Enter the realm of love, magick, and mystery at RE Johnson Books. What awaits in the dark underworld of demonic culture in Newborn City? Can you hear the monsters lurking in The Night Garden? Does the howling wind track your steps, looking for A Solstice Sin? Or has The Red Queen set her eyes on you? Start your journey into supernatural worlds filled with love, lust, vengeance, & victory.


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Newborn City Series What it’s about- Newborn City, NY, is a growing urban escape, created after the Dawning, where humans and demons live together in semi-harmony.Continue readingMy Works In Progress

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Check out the latest release from RE Johnson, Shadowed Summer Sun. It’s perfect for a spooky, Halloween read about a badass witch!

Step lightly where summer shadows are cast.

The longest day of the year has arrived. The height of summer’s power and glory, appearing and disappearing just as fast. But something seeks to use its power to twist and warp the natural order. My powers pull me toward the wood, toward the deep secrets lurking there. I’ve been told to take care, for the shadows stretch long on the Summer Solstice, but my descent into their darkness may be the only thing that can stop the ravenous evil roaming the woods near my small town.

But beneath the fragrant trees, performing my ritual in the tall grass, I fall into a place that sits between light and dark. The light in me calls to the King of Summer’s End, and his darkness pulls me deeper into the intoxicating shadows.

Something wicked has this way come, and I am trapped in its web. A hunter has found me, and something inside of me unfurls, giving way to the primal force that has stalked me all my days. The shadowed summer sun has found me.

Will the power it can give me be enough, and will I be able to let it go?

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