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Come one, come all!

As your humble guide to all things dark, decadent, and deadly in the world of my paranormal romances, allow me to say, Welcome to Newborn City. We’ve got spice, action & adventure, suspense, thrills, more spice, and, of course, all the feels.

This is a land of dark romance in paranormal and fantasy settings. You’ll find all types of fantasy here- Sword & Sorcery, Urban, Southern Gothic, and even a little Sci-Fantasy.

I’ve got so many projects on different burners I suggest taking a look at my WIP page for more information about each one. Of course, the first place to start out is Affinity for Pain, which is releasing on October 21st and kicks off the journey into the world of Newborn City.

It follows Hope and Ciaran as they navigate life with each other, all while a horrid man from their past is trying to kill them.

Writing & Editing Update

I’ve made some serious progress, y’all, and I couldn’t have done it without the incredible support of my family and the new bookish friends I’ve made on social. You guys are amazing. Without further adieu, let’s check out what’s been happening in Writer Land!

What’s Going On

  • Affinity for Pain is live! I cannot believe I’m saying this, but IT’S UP! AFP is officially up for pre-order, and the ARC reviews are coming in. I’m so incredibly grateful to my readers and the people who’ve joined me on this fantastic, stressful, and rewarding journey.
  • Burn the Bone is still looking for Delta Readers! Yes, I’ve come up with a new term just now for this fourth round of beta reading. You can learn more about BTB and if you’d like to be a Delta here.
  • Calling Evil Forth has an outline and chapter outlines! I’ve created an actual workable outline for the novel, and I’ve outlined the events I need to cover in chapter one. I’ve even done some word sprints to get more words out there.
  • Newborn City has Merch & Updated Tiers! I’ve updated my Patreon tier offers to pack in WAY more goodies for y’all. You can check it out here.
  • The Shop is Open! I’ve launched a store on here, and I’m regularly updating it with swag goodies and obviously a signed paperback.
  • His Black Alchemy is coming to Patreon– A new dark high fantasy romance serial is launching on Patreon on August 26th! Check it out for all things magic, mystery, murder, mayhem, and magnificent spice. I’m so excited about this story y’all. It’s going to be heartwrenching and scary and so fucking hot. Look for the blurb and cover reveal post coming next!

What I Want for the Future

  • Sign up for my Patreon– These new offerings are baller, and they will be especially amazing as AFP comes out. You’ll truly be a member of Club Demon.
  • Move Burn the Bone through Delta reading– Keep this trucking as I move through AFP publishing to ensure it’s ready for next year.
  • Finish the first draft of Calling Evil Forth– Hey, it’s a bit slow right now, but progress is being made. I just have to keep it up.

That’s all for now, folks!

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Living in the sweltering inferno that is Las Vegas, I spend much of my time working as a freelance content writer for companies like CBR. When not hard at work, I’m typically watching sensory videos with the second baby and "nerding out" about Dungeons and Dragons. Writing brings me nothing but joy, and I'm so glad to share it with the world.

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