The Sons & Daughters of Sin

Sin runs in my veins. It’s who I am. I’m a child of the Big Seven.

When drugs go missing and rumors point fingers at every demonic family, Kurzan and Senka are thrust into each other’s lives. But Lust and Greed mix like oil and water, or worse, propane and a lit match.

Add a little Wrath, and what’s the worst that could happen?

Oh, just the end of the world.

The Sons & Daughters of Sin is a dark why-choose (with more partners to come) supernatural mafia romance. The anthology will contain the first part of the longer novel to come later- Part One: Greed.

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More about the For the Love of Villains Anthology

I shouldn’t be falling in love…

Fear fuels my every move…the pulsating adrenaline tickling my spine.

I shouldn’t sacrifice safe and secure for dangerous and deranged…

I shouldn’t be attracted to morally corrupt…


Desire is coating my traumatized heart…

And I’m running right into the arms of the wrong person.

The villain.

Some of your favorite authors have teamed up to bring to you over TWENTY new stories in every shade of morally gray you can think of. From mafia to bully, dark romance and age gap… you will find villains living in these pages.

Do you dare to fall in love with bad?

Participating authors:

  • Alex King
  • Maya Morrison
  • B. Durrett
  • Debra Deasey
  • Delaney Foster
  • Roux Cantrell
  • M. Bonnet
  • Em Torrey
  • Harper Monroe
  • Weli Sane
  • Natalie Bennett
  • Bex Dawn
  • Haley Tyler
  • Jocelyne Soto
  • JM Elliott
  • Des Sweet
  • Simran
  • Remi Rose
  • Kristina Brown
  • Cassie Lein & Alisha Williams
  • Elice Nange
  • A.R. Harlow
  • Morgana Darkins
  • R.E. Johnson
  • Victoria Ellis
  • Teegan Wylde
  • YD la Mar
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