The Macabre Dance of the Sanguine Six

The Dance Macabre awaits…

A tribute to the Blood Elves is due, and no one has ever returned. Little does the human population know, but while some Tributes may be consumed, others are in for a much more delectable fate, particularly the new mate of the Sanguine Six.

Eve’s dreary life is thrown upside down when she is somehow chosen as this year’s Tribute. Walking into the Blood Elves Masquerade, Eve doesn’t know if she’ll face servitude or something far worse.

But what she finds within the lush ballroom is both a life on her knees and the ecstasy of being there.

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More about the Of Masks and Magic Charity Anthology

Lose yourself in tales of daring adventures and swoon-worthy love stories. Get whisked away into new worlds full of secrets. Dance the night away with a masked stranger who makes your heart race. Embark on adventures into the unknown, prove your strength, and claim your destiny.

These stories prove time and time again that sometimes getting lost is the only way to find yourself. With over 350 pages of stories, this fantasy and fantasy romance anthology features stories from Sarah Zane, Molly Ahearn, S.L. Thorne, S. Frasher, Jes Drew, Kathy Haan, R.E. Johnson, and Jessica M. Butler.

Of Masks and Magic is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance to own this incredible anthology, discover new favorite authors, and support a very important cause. ALL proceeds from Of Masks and Magic will be donated to Room to Read. The anthology organizers and participating authors are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the charity.

Check the trigger warnings here.

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