The Evil Within Us

I guess there’s a little evil in all of us.

I’m no stranger to darkness, my father made sure of that. So when he remarried, I wasn’t a fool enough to believe it would be a positive development.

But I had no way of knowing the depravity that would await me in the form of one Lucas Clarke- my stepbrother.

He’s tormented me ever since his mother joined the family, but it’s not his bullying that’s kept me up at night. I know I can’t give into that side of me, so I usually talk it out with my childhood buddy, Alec. He’s equally well-versed in the realm of terrible parents, and we’ve been practically attached at the hip my entire life.

So when I find out there’s way more to Lucas than meets the eye, something dark and full of malice, who else would I turn to?

I had no way of knowing that Lucas has his evil sights set on both of us or how much I’d enjoy every sinful moment of it.

Still, nothing comes easy in this world. Just as I’m finally learning to embrace the black recesses of myself I’ve always pushed down, my stepmother’s monstrous nature rears its ugly head, and it will take everything the three of us have to survive it.

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