Reddina Leeyan

reddina leeyan affinity for pain burn the bone

Reddina Leeyan of the Daemos Clan, or Red, is a fire demon and a fellow captive of the Inferno. Ciaran and Dimitri meet her during their imprisonment, and she helps them escape.

Red can create flames all around her by manipulating her body heat. The gift takes its toll and can be difficult to use repeatedly.

The Daemos clan is a group of purebred demons. Red escapes her family but is unfortunately captured by Marcus for his Inferno Club.

She’s feisty, bright red, and a total badass. While her time with the boys in the Inferno was difficult, a bond was formed, particularly with Dimitri.

Her role in Affinity for Pain might be short, but something makes me think we might see this fire demon again.

Red’s Stats

• 5’10”
• Birthday- March 31st (Aries)
• Blood red skin
• Red-orange eyes
• Muscular but curvy
• Hair fades from black to red to orange to yellow
• Can control her body heat to produce large flames that surround her
• Fight training via her time in the Inferno
• Flames often crop up around her in response to her emotional state 

Incredible Art by JM Lascar

She’s so gorgeous. JM Lascar knocked it out of the park, yet again. Check out her other art on Instagram here.

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