Bought & Bound- A BDSM Auction Novella


An Exclusive BDSM Novella just for you!

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Bought & Bound- A BDSM Auction novella follows Andi, a down-on-her-luck aerial silks performer, who takes a job to perform at the Scarlet Oleander, a local BDSM club.

What’s more, she decides to enter herself into their auction as a submissive. She agrees to some of the most “k!nky” stipulations in hopes of making a killing and being able to survive off the money for a while, even though she’s a complete newbie.

What she is not prepared for is meeting Westley, her fateful purchaser and the man who awakens something powerful within her that she becomes obsessed with.

This is an adult book and contains the following (and potentially more):

  • All the SCHMINKS
  • Dom/sub
  • Aerial Dancer
  • Rich guy/Billionaire
  • Breath play
  • B0nd@ge
  • Praise/Deg
  • H@rdcore spice
  • Did I mention the SMUT?


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