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Beware the frozen woods at Winter’s Height.

I wasn’t supposed to take the shortcut. I was told never to step foot in the Winter Realm of the Unseelie Fae King.


I didn’t listen. I rarely do. I’m running late to the Solstice gathering at the mountain’s peak, and a shortcut can get me there quicker. I’m exhausted from trekking through the snow, and I have to get to the circle. It’s my only chance to break free of the cruel master that uses my powers for his own gain.

But what I found in the bitter cold wasn’t just the ice and snow. I found a Fae King who is so much more monster than royalty.

And now I’m running through the frigid woods chased by the frozen monarch in a twilight that never ends.

Stranger still, I’m not sure I want to escape.

A Solstice Sin is a dark, monster romance with adult themes and language. It may not be suitable for all readers.