Masked Desires Cover Sneak Peek!

Ooh, this is a special treat for all of you guys! Don’t share it because it hasn’t gone wide yet, but this is the gorgeous cover to the Masked Desires Anthology that will feature Heirs of Blood. Woot! So excited for my first OV!

It’s not due till June so I have a LOT of time, but here’s where I’m thinking of going…

Heirs of Blood

A combo PNR omegaverse with vampires. It will be why-choose/Poly with FMMMM (everyone fucks). The omega is from a pit (my word for a ruling group of vampires) that was recently decimated, and thus, a new pit of vamps takes her in for protection. 

Her beta bodyguard, who wears a mask to keep his identity secret and move through the pits unnoticed during daylight hours, falls for her and her him. The alpha, another beta, and the pit’s male omega fall for her as well as they’re keeping her safe in lockdown.

My idea is that the male omega and the female lead take the positions as submissive in the bedroom together and within the OV status rankings. She experiences heat, there’s knotting, and in this world, vamps are another species, not the undead. 

So the breakdown would look like:

-Alpha; Dom, leader of the new pit, eldest, Daddy, Dom

-Beta Bodyguard; Second in command, dom over her and others, but not the alpha

-Beta Two; Switch, gives and receives with the female omega still below him

-Omega Male; sub, brat, something akin to a heat, but more the need to fuck

-Omega Female; sub, princess/daddy vibes with alpha, servant/master vibes with bodyguard, general submissive with the others, heat makes her unbearable horny, need to procreate, but actual pregnancy not mandatory

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