From my contemporary pen name, Liz Highland…

Book One of the Fallow Trilogy

After her life hits an all-time low, Irina is forced to make a choice. The powerful CEO’s of Stormborn are looking for a new live-in housekeeper, and Irina might not know anything about them, but she knows they’re better than what she’s trying to leave behind.

She needs safety, and security. Drake, Hunter, and Jack are strangers, but surely…they can keep her safe from him.

She’s put her camming days in the past, but the unknown man whose behavior finally made her quit hasn’t let her go. He wants her, and it doesn’t seem to matter how far Irina runs. She can’t escape him, any more than she can ask for help. All she can hope for is anonymity, at the expense of a real life.

Unfortunately for her, her new bosses have different plans, and they are determined to make Irina theirs.

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