Hope Turner

hope turner affinity for pain

Hope Cerridwen Turner is a demon of the Chakal, a race of hybrid demons who have always avoided humans.

She’s a highly-trained assassin and works for The Company- a hit agency under the direction of a man named Dante.

As a female Chakal, Hope cannot feel pain until the fateful omaeriku bond kicks in.

Hope is extremely physically fit, quite strong, and heals thanks to her demonic lineage quickly. Hope left her clan lands in Canada as a young woman to escape their traditions.

When she joined the Company, Hope Turner was trained in hand-to-hand combat, firearms of nearly every make, tracking, interrogation, and a few random skills Dante thought would come in handy such as manipulation, seduction, and parkour.

She speaks multiple human languages and a few demon ones but is less familiar with them because she spent so much time away from other demons, and Demonic etiquette is lost on her.

Art by JM Lascar

hope turner affinity for pain jm lascar

Look at this fucking badass! Jules did an incredible job capturing Hope Turner in all her assassin glory.

Jules is my official Newborn City Series artist, as I’ll be commissioning her for all my characters and more. Stay tuned for more incredible art from them.

You can check them out on Instagram here.

Hope’s Stats

  • 5’9”
  • Birthday- October 21st (Libra)
  • She’s 35
  • Advanced healing
  • Enhanced reflexes and dexterity
  • Cannot feel pain until omaeriku hits, which causes her to feel not only her own pain but also that of her bonded
  • Decades of hand-to-hand and weapons combat training
  • Grew up in a remote area of Canada
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