Herculeia the Hero Book Review

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Herculeia the Hero Book Review by RE Johnson

I loved this duet, and the ending of this book definitely made it a likely read-again comfort book. The spice is absolutely phenomenal, and I can’t wait to read more of what C. Rochelle writes. I am certainly an uber fan of hers.

Monster Romance for the Win

I love me some monster peens, y’all, and C. Rochelle does NOT disappoint. Imagining that I was a newb to the monster romance genre before her is so funny to me. I’m an avid connoisseur now.

As the continuation of the 12 Hunks of Herculeia mate collection, Herculeia the Hero picks up right where we left off. Yup, right in the middle of Leia’s terrible decision-making and no-good, awful day. As she continues to collect her mates, I think it was how incredibly different from each other they were that truly made it feel real and interesting. Phillippos has a special place in my heart for all he had to endure.

Of course, Julius is still my main man. Boar? Whatever.

I also LOVED how Leia stepped into her power and started to see herself as the hero the guys did. She called out the douche canoe that was Heracles, and that arrow scene was fantastic.

In terms of the spice…

My lady bits full on left my body and went looking for these guys. The peens y’all! I cannot stress this enough. The scene with Orthus and Geryon was so incredible. The spice, of course, but the release and emotion were beyond anything I’ve read in a book like this before. It was perfect. The aftercare, the space they gave her, it was all so impressive. Rarely are scenes of the BDSM aspects portrayed so accurately and sweetly. It’s not all chains and whips (but those are certainly part of it :D)

I loved this book and really do think it’ll be making the rounds again soon.

Go check it out: Herculeia the Hero eBook

And if you want some more healing intercourse, check out Affinity for Pain. It’s got all the meaningful shags.

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