Dimitri Romanov

dimitri romanov affinity for pain burn the bone

Dimitri Nikolai Romanov was a resident of Russia that moved to Brooklyn, NYC, after the Dawning.

He was a prisoner of the Inferno Club with Ciaran and is his best friend. His demon family is one of the last remaining Drugha clans.

Dimitri doesn’t often use his powers, and at the start of Affinity for Pain, little is known about them. Ciaran is sure the “arsehole” is a demon and did manage to survive in the Inferno’s ring just fine.

He’s a smart ass 99% of the time, with the rest spent unconscious. Dimitri is a huge fan of liquor, a loud club, and pestering Ciaran into going out.

Dimitri connected with another prison from the Inferno, Reddina Leeyan, aka Red. The trio was forced to separate when they escaped, but Dimitri still thinks of Red.

Dimitri’s Stats

  • 5’10”
  • Birthday- June 1st (Gemini)
  • Auburn hair
  • Green eyes
  • Golden skin with freckles
  • Muscular
  • Impressive, unknown powers
  • His hands glow blue when he’s stressed, connected to his demon heritage
  • Advanced fight training inside the Inferno and as a part of his clan’s tradition
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