Cherry Cobbler

The best way into someone’s heart is through their stomach, and the best way in there is with cookies.

I’ve been alone a while since Adeline’s father passed away, and as she’s gotten older, I finally feel like I can try my hand at love again, or at least a date. But between running a busy pastry shop and the mom-life responsibilities and worries, it’s hard to find time to match-make for me.

So I throw my feelings into my desserts- literally. My love and desire infuse my food and help relationships blossom. You can call me cupid, I guess.

Come Valentine’s Day, I expect the rush of hungry patrons and lovers looking for something yummy to give their significant others. What I don’t expect is to have two very aggressive bear shifters take an interest in more than my famous Swoon-worthy Cherry Cobbler or how much I’ll enjoy every delectable minute of it.

Cherry Cobbler- A Newborn City Shifter Valentine’s Novella is a companion novella set in the world of Newborn City. It is a why-choose/polyamorous paranormal shifter romance with adult themes and language. It may not be suitable for all readers.

To read a full list of triggers and content warnings, click here.

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