Bought & Bound

From my contemporary pen name, Liz Highland…

Whisked away into another life. It’s just for a month, right?

Look, my luck has been lacking, and the aerial arts just aren’t paying the bills. So, how could I pass up a chance to make serious bank to just perform at a private club, the Scarlett Oleander? I can’t. When I see that I can make even more by entering myself into their exclusive “auction,” I can’t help but jump at the chance.

Sure, I’ve agreed to some of the club’s more… interesting stipulations, but I’m just hoping it’ll help me make a killing so I can survive off the money for a while, even though I’m a complete newbie still carrying her V-card. I’m mostly prepared for what I’m getting myself into, though. I’ve been interested in the “darker” stuff, so it’ll be a walk in the park, right?

Maybe I’ll even have a little fun, God forbid.

What I’m not prepared for, however, is meeting Westley. The guy who racks up quite the bill to be my fateful purchaser. He’s dark, tall, handsome, and older than me. As soon as we lock eyes, he awakens something powerful within me that quickly becomes my new obsession.

And I quickly become his, and he offers to extend my contract—indefinitely.

This is way beyond what I signed up for, so why aren’t I saying no? It looks like there’s a lot more to this little adventure into the world of the Scarlett Oleander than I had planned.

Bought & Bound is a dark, adult romance with suspense themes. A content advisory has been provided at the beginning of the book. Please check it and only read this story with your mental health in mind.

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