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(Author’s note: this will be a very dark, Dom/sub, BDSM, dubcon extravaganza. Please know there will be some of the kinkiest shit I’ve ever written in here. Also, at some point, this may become an eBook, at which point the advanced copy here will have to come down per Amazon guidelines but will likely be free on KU, and I’ll provide plenty of warning. If you are not into this type of super dark, kinky story, I get it. Maybe skip this one.)

Part One- The Rules

Christ almighty, what am I doing? This is fucking ridiculous. I can’t possibly be this desperate.

Except I was. I was utterly desperate because food didn’t just pay for itself, and the funds were not pouring in from my aerial performances. I always did better when touring the local burlesque halls, but even those tips had started to run low. And the cam life was just too hard to maintain. There were tons of hoops people in the biz didn’t tell you about when you were trying to get viewers across multiple sites. The platforms didn’t like that for some stupid reason, and I’d officially been bounced from too many to count because of it. Assholes.

“And you’ve decided you hate stripping, so…” I grumbled to myself. It would be exponentially easier if I could just suck it up and work at the place nearby, but I just didn’t move like those girls. I wasn’t a grinder and didn’t quite have the assets to fill out the costumes. Ugh.

One upside of my ridiculous plan was that a single job should take care of me for a long while. This place had even requested aerial performers like it was some kind of fetish or something. Hell, maybe it was.

I walked up to the back door of The Scarlet Oleander and gently rapped my knuckles against the steel. The sliding eye slit quickly pushed open, and a pair of browns glared at me.


“I’m here for the aerial position and the, um… auction.”

“Andi?” the man questioned.

“Yup. That’s me.”

The window slid closed, and I heard a loud mechanism adjust inside the door. It swung open toward me, and I was gestured inside.

It was hot compared to the chilly winter air outside. I slipped off my black coat and hung it over my arm. The tight black hallway pressed in around me, and I swallowed hard. There was barely any light inside. I couldn’t make out the details of the space and whatever entertainment area awaited me was invisible from where I stood.

“This way.”

I was led down the hall to a sort of antechamber where a branch of three doors sat expectantly. The bouncer gestured to the leftmost door. I shuffled past him as he reached for the doorknob.

“This is your reminder that once inside, you don’t leave unless there’s an emergency or a guest accompanies you. You’re aware of what you signed up for, yes?”

“I am.” I couldn’t help but swallow again, gulping like a little lamb. Christ, I’m an idiot.

“A quick rundown of the rules before I open this door,” The bouncer’s voice was deep, a good match for his thick build, “Here.”

He handed me a black mask that matched the one he wore, hiding most of his features except the beard that framed the bottom. I slipped it over my head and secured it at the back with a bow.

The weight of all the black surrounding me, even my requested attire, pressed down on me. The tight, thin outfit was the only aerial clothing I had in black and left little to the imagination between the fit and the deep v-cut that ran down my chest. Even the back was cut in that shape, and crisscrossing laces that held it together ran up from my lower back to my shoulders.

“Good. Now, one, you don’t speak unless requested to do so by one of the staff or the guests. Two, your performance will come before the auction and take place on the main stage. Once the acts have been completed, the guests will be escorted to the auction room, where the bidding will take place. Have you looked at the menu?”

I nodded. This was all getting more intense as the seconds passed and the instructions dolled out.

“Good. Three, purchasers will have control over their submissives for the duration of the contract. The club will retain a copy of that contract, and if anyone, the guest included, breaks the agreement, the arrangement will be null and void. Any submissive with a complaint against them will not be invited to return. The same goes for the guests. We have a zero-tolerance policy. Understood.”



“Yes, sir,” I corrected, remembering the preliminary rules I’d already read back home.

“You’re new, so there will be some leniency as you grow accustomed to the rules. Four, did you bring your disclosure form and waiver?”

I presented the documents to the bouncer, pulling them out of my small purse in a folded square. He looked over them, quickly but thoroughly reading the contents that made him aware of any physical issues or conditions and held my agreement to press no charges against the club as a willing participant.

I had toyed around with some BDSM stuff with some exes, but nothing like the menu I had read. I stifled my nervous fiddling with my purse strap, feeling an odd buzz of excitement and fear crawling up my spine. As much as I didn’t want to admit it to myself, the idea of this whole club thrilled me. The idea that I might… I could barely think the thoughts without blushing and boiling with warmth. I was a filthy slut for wanting this so badly, but I absolutely did not care.

But I also knew that the particular fantasy I’d been harboring most of my life was unlikely to be realized in this club. It wasn’t like dashing Doms in shining armor actually existed or would even want someone like me. I’d be lucky if I got auctioned off at all. Get out of your head and listen, Andi!

“Is this information up to date?”

I furrowed my brow, “Yes. Is something wrong?”

“No, apologies. I let my own experience color my thoughts. I didn’t expect we’d have a blank slate so soon after posting the listing.”

“Oh, yes. I am inexperienced. I understand what I’m doing, though. May I ask a question, sir?” I nodded to the man, hoping to show that I was ready to obey the club’s rules.


“Is the advertised…” I struggled to think of a good word, “compensation still accurate?”

“Yes. That is point five. The club will receive a 20% commission for hosting the auction; the rest will go to you. The club’s concierge will handle wire transfers and deposits, and all charges will be verified.”

“Thank you.”

The bouncer held out his hand, “Six, I’ll take your belongings and stow them in a locker through those doors.”

I watched him point to the far-right wall and nodded.

“That is the after-hours area where you may use the facilities to shower, change, and refresh yourself. If you’ll be leaving the premises with the guest, you can return here to retrieve your items,” He looked at a small notepad that was far tidier than most I’d seen, “You’ll receive locker 1200987. Your combination?”

He awaited my response, and I had to quickly think of something I could remember.

“115513. Is that alright, sir?”

“Yes, thank you. Your number and combination will be deposited with the facilities manager once you enter. You’ve left out all essential and identifying information from your purse, correct? No, credit cards or cash?”

“Correct, sir.”

“Good. Seven, as our first aerial performer and a part of our newest act, you must let the stage hand know if anything needs to be adjusted. You may direct him as needed in this and only this case.”

Oh, shit. I’m the first one! “Understood, sir.”

“Eight, do not reveal any information about any guest, attendant, or staff member. As you can likely tell, anonymity is expected here to a certain degree. Again, if there are any code of conduct violations by a staff member or guest, the club will take care of it immediately. Safety is another of our chief priorities. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Nine, you’ve read the entire code of conduct and provided the signed document to the club’s email address?”

“Yes, sir. It should have arrived.”

The bouncer took out a phone and scrolled through a few screens.

“It was received. Thank you. Ten, before entering, you will be required to physically sign the same code of conduct as well as a written account of the information I have just provided,” he reached behind him somewhere impossible to see in the dark.

When he returned, he clicked on a small flashlight that illuminated the written agreement. Again, I was swallowing down the apprehension that wouldn’t go away. I was given a pen, and the document was on a clipboard. As I leaned forward to sign, the bouncer’s voice was suddenly right in my ear.

“This is your last chance to walk away. Take this seriously. Do you want this?” He practically growled in my ear, and I shivered.

“Yes. Yes, sir. I want this.”

I quickly signed the agreement, my signature sloppier than normal.

“Good,” He pulled away, and I almost missed the way he’d invaded my space like that, “You’ll be escorted to the main stage for your performance by one of the servants inside. Enjoy your time.”

I could hear the smile in his voice as I stared at the opening door. A tiny gasp escaped me as I saw inside The Scarlet Oleander.

This was it.

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