His Black Alchemy

his black alchemy patreon serial dark fantasy romance

His Black Alchemy- a dark fantasy romance serial, launches next week!


I’ve had it up to here dealing with the King’s endless obsession with pitting the fae alchemists of Hiviba against each other. I’ve already lost the love of my life to the Orc Kingdom Gukar when he defected, and now I’m just supposed to be his sharpened tool to create a tenuous peace? I’m not his child or relative, but I’m just supposed to marry the Gukarian King’s alchemist like it’s nothing. We’ve constantly battled, albeit mentally, about who’s the better practitioner, and I’m to wed him in three days.


The fae captain of the guard in an orc kingdom has little in the way of friends. I’ve never been treated the same as a less than magical member of the Folk, but the Orc Dynasty has perfected the art of burying emotions that don’t serve you. In three days, I’m on a new assignment as the sole protector of the renowned Black Alchemist. In three days, I’ll see her again.


I had little choice but to accept my fate when the Emperor informed me I would be marrying Hiviba’s fae Alchemist. We’ve constantly sparred over the years, and the infuriating Witchling is now supposed to be my Chosen. In three days, I’ll actually see her face for the first time, and the thought of spelling her into silence on the spot is more than tempting.

In three days, Sheyrah, Zelig, and Sindren will meet. In three days, the realm will have two powerful alchemists aligned. And in three days, the fate of all will change as a riptide of chaos roars through the planes, threatening to destroy the Radiance that gives life to magic.

My newest serial dark fantasy romance is available on Patreon!

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