Ask My Characters- Ciaran O’Connor

ask my characters ciaran o'connor

Welcome to the first of many fun features where you, my lovely readers, can ask my characters anything you wish! That’s right! Anything! This should be fun. 😉 So, to kick this off, let’s start with the hot MMC from Affinity for Pain. Enjoy Ask My Characters- Ciaran O’Connor. And be warned, there is chaos ahead.

“How does it feel like being a hot mess?” from Charmis, who also said, “I can tell he is a hottie and a mess, so hot mess at the same time. 😆”

“Okay, first of all, what? Really? I mean, thanks. I guess. How am I supposed to take this? Shite.”

Go ahead, Ciaran. Just answer the question.

“Ugh. Fine. It’s great. I love being a- what was it?”

Hot mess.

“Yeah, a hot mess. I do feel like I should point out that the mess part wasn’t really my fault. Mostly. I mean, sure. I could’ve handled things better, probably. But I’d like to see what you’d do if you went through the same shite. Now, who’s the hot mess?”

Ciaran, be nice.

“Sorry. I still get a little defensive about it all. In all seriousness, I’m glad that I’m working on it. Something Hope pushed me to do. And I’m glad that I think it’s working. We’ll see, I guess.”

That was great. Good job, buddy.

“Gee, thanks. I guess since this is a thing now, I should prepare for more questions. Hmm…”

Indeed, I actually have one more for you since it’s the beginning of spooky season.

“You and Hope always start that shite super early. Okay. Go for it.”

Well, that’s the question. Do you like Halloween?

“I’m beginning to love Halloween, thanks to Hope and some other reasons you told me not to talk about yet.”

I did, yes. Thank you.

“Hope is a huge fan of dressing up like something scary, and I think it’s hilarious considering she’s an assassin. I never really understood it before, but I’m seeing the appeal. I especially like when the other demons can just go out and be themselves. Seems nice after all they’ve been through.”

I resist the urge to “awww” at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Ignore me. You did great. See, it wasn’t so bad. Are you up for more in the future?

“Sure. Why not. I’m supposed to talk about my feelings or whatever anyway.”

Awesome. Talk soon!

And there you have it for the first installment: Ask My Characters- Ciaran O’Connor. Hooray!

To learn more about Ciaran and Affinity for Pain, be sure to check out the NBC Characters and AFP book pages!

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