A Solstice Sin is Coming on 12/21!

a solstice sin cover re johnson

Beware the frozen woods at Winter’s Height.

That’s right! This juicy, twisted monster romance novella is almost here! I’m so excited for you all to meet Wren and Fierion. They make quite the pair.

This novella (yes, it’s officially a novella now because it did NOT stay at eight thousand words like I thought) is dark, violent, and full of vengeance and spice. I’m really happy with how it turned out and could conceivably be convinced to expand their world into a full-blown thang.

You can pre-order now on Amazon Kindle eBooks, and it’ll be available on Kindle Unlimited too.

It will be going to my ARC readers soon, and I have opened up the call for more (check out my TikTok) in this case since it is a bit different than my debut, Affinity for Pain.

You can learn more about A Solstice Sin here and find the triggers here.

In the meantime, I’ll be counting down the days until Fierion gets to wow you all with his special *appendages* and Wren cracks you up with her feisty wit.

Happy Solstice to all! And to all, a spicy night!

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Living in the sweltering inferno that is Las Vegas, I spend much of my time working as a freelance content writer for companies like CBR. When not hard at work, I’m typically watching sensory videos with the second baby and "nerding out" about Dungeons and Dragons. Writing brings me nothing but joy, and I'm so glad to share it with the world.

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