A Big Update Rundown

There are a few happenings and plans for the year, so I thought I’d collect them all here (I’ll also put them on my Patreon) to provide a comprehensive list. So, without further ado, let’s get to the year’s rundown.

New Release

Firstly, Cherry Cobbler is live!

Cherry Cobbler is an NBC Shifter Why-Choose Valentine’s Novella. Here’s the blurb.

The best way into someone’s heart is through their stomach, and the best way in there is with cookies.

I’ve been alone a while since Adeline’s father passed away, and as she’s gotten older, I finally feel like I can try my hand at love again, or at least a date. But between running a busy pastry shop and the mom-life responsibilities and worries, it’s hard to find time to match-make for me.

So I throw my feelings into my desserts- literally. My love and desire infuse my food and help relationships blossom. You can call me cupid, I guess.

Come Valentine’s Day, I expect the rush of hungry patrons and lovers looking for something yummy to give their significant others. What I don’t expect is to have two very aggressive bear shifters take an interest in more than my famous Swoon-worthy Cherry Cobbler or how much I’ll enjoy every delectable minute of it.

You can find more about it here.

Print Sale & Limited-Time Stickers

Right now until 2/21/2023, there is a 50% off print sale and a limited-time Valentine’s/Cherry Cobbler sticker pack available. The stickers will disappear forever on the 21st, so act now if you want a chance at taking these babies home.

The Macabre Dance of the Sanguine Six

The next fun bit of news is that I’m going to participate in the Books Gowns & Crowns charity anthology as an attending author, and I am so excited. The theme is dark masquerade, so you know your boi is going hard.

Here’s the cover that I worked on yesterday in a fever and the outline of what I’ll be writing along with the preliminary TWs. You, of course, are getting the sneak peek before anyone!

macabre dance of the sanguine six copyright re johnson
  • Dark masquerade- High fantasy, dark Fae- Blood Elves- use Blood magic to manipulate others, holds the ball to take in one person from each of the surrounding villages as a ‘tribute.”
  • We follow one such girl from a smaller village who’s been dressed up and sent to the ball by her people.
  • She runs into a small Coagulate of Blood Elves- The Sanguine Six, who have a reputation for taking in only a rare few tributes and being very particular.
  • None who’ve gone to the balls have returned.
  • The Six are varied genders and are looking for their latest plaything when they encounter the woman from the small village.
  • They’re all immediately taken with her, as she is with them, and they court her throughout the ball, ending in sexy times within a hidden underground chamber where their group enjoys their more “secret” activities.
  • High kink- blood play, Doms/subs, Poly/Why-Choose, knife/claw play, DubCon, bondage, impact play, multiple penetrations, MMFFFMM.
  • Triggers- tragic pasts, class dynamics, self-loathing, repressed sexuality coming out, some violence during a ball altercation, first time

Tentative Publishing Schedule

Here is a visual breakdown of what I plan to publish for the rest of the year. After that, we’ll see if I still want to continue writing since it’s not what you’d call a successful endeavor.

Upcoming Events

I’m going to a few signing events, so let’s check them out!

  • Book Gowns & Crowns on May 19th – 21st, 2023, in Tampa, FL!

I’m going! And I am so fucking excited. You can pre-order books for me to sign on my shop at rejohnsonbooks.com, and they’ll be a bit less expensive than a typically signed copy as a thank-you for making it out. They’ll be incredible authors there and a weekend full of amazing shopping and panels. Plus, FANTASY BALL!

Check out their FB group for updates, and be sure to get your tickets before they sell out!

  • The Smut Lovers Conference 2023 is September 23rd in Orlando, FL

For smutty fans out there, this incredible event will be all about all this smut, and there will be some incredible authors there!! Reader tickets are available here. You can check out all the amazing authors and their books in the BookFunnel promo here (Starts Jan. 1). And don’t forget to join their group on Facebook for important updates about the schedule and events!

  • Locked Up Nevada 2024 June 22nd in Carson City, NV

This one-day event will be held in the historic Nevada State Prison and is a special limited occupancy event and signing. It’s the perfect event for lovers or dark, mysterious tales! You can get tickets here.

  • Getting Witchy With It 2024 September 15th in Salem, MA

For all our witchy fans out there, this incredible event will be all about Witching It Up! With incredible fellow attending authors like Savvy Rose, C. Rochelle, & more!

Alright, there you have it, folks. I’ll update this if anything else comes up.

Author: rejohnsonauthor

Living in the sweltering inferno that is Las Vegas, I spend much of my time working as a freelance content writer for companies like CBR. When not hard at work, I’m typically watching sensory videos with the second baby and "nerding out" about Dungeons and Dragons. Writing brings me nothing but joy, and I'm so glad to share it with the world.

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